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12/6/2014: A long, highly anachronistic review of Hemingway's The Garden of Eden.

12/8/2013: "We wanted to talk to authors who write multicultural romance and see what they had to say about the genre..."

1/7/2014: I like to think there's a big difference between a sex symbol and a sex stereotype. Symbols are unique, and potentially infinite, like stars in the night sky...

1/23/14: "Solace Ames and Suleikha Snyder are both writers of erotic romance in their thirties. Suleikha is known for her Bollywood romances with Samhain Publishing, and Solace Ames has a series of BDSM erotic romances coming out with Carina Press. They've been writing and playing the erotic field for several years."

4/3/2014: "Motherf**kers will read a book that's one-third elvish, but put two sentences in Spanish and they think we're taking over." - Junot Díaz

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