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"Tomorrow's Much Too Long": an LA Doms prequel story

John Sun is a cocky young student who's been lucky with the ladies so far in his college career. Being a tattooed artist type goes a long way in Los Angeles. But when he shows up at a party thrown by a female death metal band whose guitarist happens to be an aficionada of BDSM, he realizes he's way out of his depth. Too proud to pull out, he dives in anyway… into a bisexual orgy wilder than his most erotic dreams.

Hyphen Magazine:

"Solace crafts a tale that is some parts funny, other parts steamy, and the dark and dangerous world that John finds himself in is written with sharp details. Solace has a unique voice and style, and she uses those attributes to create an erotic story that is wild and unafraid to push its readers to their sexual limits."

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