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Read the latest Solace Ames erotic romance novel, The Companion Contract:


Control. Submission. Power.


Amy Mendoza knew she'd never have a Cinderella story. She walked away from the ashes of her childhood on her own, and signed her first porn contract the day she turned eighteen. The money's been good, but it's time to walk away again before the life drags her down. When a mysterious stranger offers her an unusual contract—sexual companion to a recently relapsed rock star—she accepts.


Amy quickly and gratefully falls into an easy rhythm of control and submission—but it's not her client who keeps her up at night. Emanuel, lead guitarist and the man who hired her, occupies her thoughts—and soon, her bed. Their connection is intense, and although Amy knows sleeping with Emanuel isn't what she's there for—isn't what she's being paid for—what's between them is too strong to ignore. But there's more to Emanuel than Amy knows, and submitting to him might come at too high a price…

Slow-burn romances aren’t common in erotica, but nothing about the third in Ames’ LA Doms series is typical—in the best way possible. 

RT Magazine


Twosomes, threesomes, bondage, a little S&M: porn actress Serena Sakamoto, aka Amy Mendoza, has done it all. In less capable hands her characterization as a tough-on-the-outside insecure young woman might be clichéd, but Ames (The Submission Gift) pulls off a genuinely complex portrayal with ease. -Publishers Weekly

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